Heal Your Lunch With Bombay Sandwich Co. & Chase Away The Blues With Habanero Blues..& Don’t Skip Dessert!! 🥙🌯🍪


Bombay Sandwich Co. Brings The Clean Eat’s! 

Founded at the Smorgasburg food festival in Brooklyn in 2012, Bombay opened their first brick and mortar shop in Manhattan in 2014 and are proud to be called ”Best Sandwich”, “ Best Bowl”, “Best Indian” and of course, “Best Chai”, according to Smorgasburg. They’ve been featured on The Cooking Chanel, Food Network and CBS, and have even fed global tastemakers like Bono, Julianne Moore, Fred Armisen, Anne Hathaway, and Yoko Ono.

Bombay Sandwich Co makes delicious and nutritious meals informed from their Indian heritage and Brooklyn roots, with the philosophy of “let thy food be thy medicine.” They roast and grind Ayurvedic spices that restore and energize the body while making your tastebuds explode with flavor bombs. 

They have numerous delectable vegan and vegetarian specialties, but none are more ubiquitous with the restaurant than the Chana Masala sandwich made with slow-cooked chickpeas topped with mixed greens, pickled onions and homemade date chutney in a ciabatta roll.

Try something new with their vegan “chicken” bowl made with vegan “chicken” protein, with a hearty gravy and their own blend of spices. Served with cucumber & tomato salad apple garlic pickle, kale pesto, hot sauce, and brown rice.


Feeling blue? Fear Not, Habanero Blues Is Here!

We’re here to put some spice back into your life with our arrival, Habanero Blues, where the colorful food selection makes it feel like every day is a Cinco de Mayo party.

Not all Mexican is created equal. Some folks are more taco heavy; some are fast-casual focusing on burritos (and their bowl counterparts); some are muy authentico; some others are modern and Westernized. No matter which way you cut it, we have endless love for guacamole and pico de gallo and don’t feel we New Yorkers will ever tire of it. At HB, there’s an explosion of flavor through things you’d expect like tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas (!), but there’s also “bolos” – which are the flavors of Mexicoin a bowl.

Signature styles include (and adamantly refuse substitutions) Monterrey: grilled corn, radish, zucchini, avocado, cilantro, red cabbage and sesame seeds (oh?). It works.  Or, Durango: tortilla chip, black beans, guac, cheddar, jalapeño, authentic cream, and pico. Or Oaxaca: bacon, corn, black beans, egg, avocado, tomato, cabbage, radish, queso Fresca for a breakfast for lunch feel.

All come over a protein – even vegetarian heavy hitters like nopales (cactus!) for our green thumbs. Any bolo can be made a burrito.Other authentic hits include the antojitos (snacks) like Mexican flatuas, and pozole- a homey hominy soup.

HB is known for sporting a good time with a large space (and bar) to have a raging happy hour, but let us bring the fiesta to your desk so it’s fun o clock when the clock strikes twelve.


As always don’t miss this week’s dessert! 

Levain is back! On Wednesday skip breakfast and get Levain’s oatmeal raisin cookie, and on Thursday chocolate lovers rejoice and bite into Levain’s chocolate peanut butter chip cookie! Limited quantity available. 

Also, this week’s sample in residence.

Featuring EPIC Provisions’ Meat Bars:

Less Sweet, More Meat

Savory nutrition bars to help keep you fueled throughout the workday 


New This Week! Around the world with Junzi, Latineria, and Bokksu…🇨🇳 🇨🇺 🇯🇵

This week, we’re introducing three new heavy hitters. 

About Junzi Kitchen:

Bings, bowl, and more from northern China to your desk. It’s about good Chinese for all.

Incubated at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute and first opened in 2015, Junzi grew out of a hunger for childhood staples: northern Chinese food made with healthy, seasonal ingredients.

In just three years, Junzi has grown to four locations across Connecticut and Manhattan.

So what does Junzi mean?  In ancient Chinese tradition, Junzis were known as persons who operate with the utmost integrity. Becoming a Junzi is a pursuit: it means to be honest, kind, open to new ideas, and above all, the best version of ourselves.

Integrity is the overarching guiding principle for everything Junzi Kitchen, does: from how they make their food to how they relate to the world.

There are so many undeniably delicious options at Junzi, it’s hard to choose.  Luckily, as in the case of all BYO concepts, we’ve done the legwork.

We suggest you start off with one of their signature (nonmessy) bings, like the Roasted Sesame Chicken with ginger, buddha’s palm, shredded cucumber, scallions, and a delicious roasted sesame sauce.

Keep your appetite rolling and sink your teeth into their famous Tomato Pork Noodles made with knife-cut noodles, tomato & egg sauce, braised tender pork, garlic, chives, pickled daikon, and refreshing cilantro.  Fresh, and delicious.

Junzi also has a delicious selection of sides, desserts, and teas.  Some that strike us are the braised beef shank with cilantro, smashed cucumber salad, and cold brew oolong.

Any way you twist your chopsticks, you are sure to land on a winner with Junzi.

About Latineria:

We welcome the advent of sister restaurant to our beloved Mexican spot, La Chula… Latineria.  Chef-crafted by the talented Chef Julian Medina’s, Latineria focuses on serving refined Latin, namely Cuban eats, in a  fast-casual setting.

Chef Julian Medina, owner of numerous hotspots in NYC has been creating refined Mexican and Latin cuisine for twenty years. He’s created numerous acclaimed food concepts around town, and garnered accolades from the food media, including The New York Times and The New Yorker, as well as appearing on various high-profile television shows.

At Latineria, you’ll find flaky, homemade empanadas featuring bacon, egg & cheese, chicken tinga, ham & cheese, Columbian beef and potato, and more. There’s also deliciously classic Cuban sandwich stuffed with freshly roasted pork, crispy pickles, and gooey cheese.

We stand by their carefully prepared meats. Look no further than their Pollo Sandwich with avocado mayonnaise and queso blanco. If you’re feeling really hungry, try one of their platos like the Ropa Vieja (shredded beef, peppers braised in tomato sauce,) Pernil (Cuban roast pork,) Pollo Rostizado (Peruvian roasted chicken marinated in Spices,) or a one-of-a-kind Picadillo Vegetariano (braised carrots, potatoes, peas, capers, and olives in tomato sauce.)

Everything at Latineria will give you the energy you need to get through the workday and even fuel you into a night of salsa and tango.

About Bokksu: 

This week’s exclusive offer is an invitation to try a new, unique service, Bokksu. 

Bokksu, which aptly means, “box” in Japanese, is a monthly subscription box service that helps you discover Japan through snacks.  Aiming to share authentic Japanese snacks with a global audience, each month features a carefully handpicked assortment of gourmet snacks from local vendors that can’t be found anywhere else.   

Through generations of craftsmanship and authentic story-telling, Bokksu brings Japan straight to your door, while helping sustainably support local Japanese artisans.  These curated snack tours of Japan make for perfect corporate and snack programs and are paired with a beautiful culture guide about each snack. 

Items in the box range from premium Japanese tea sachets, handmade Bokksu-exclusive yuzu sake candy from 5th generation Kyoto candy makers, to funky yet delicious rice crackers, to Hello Kitty matcha chocolates.   

There are options from the Classic Box, which features 20-25 single-serve snacks, to the Tasting Box, a scaled-down version, to the Bokksu market, where some snacks are sold a la carte

From now until 8/31/2019, Bokksu is offering an exclusive discount to STADIUM customers — 15% off — to redeem your first box.  It’s the perfect send-off for anyone who loves all-things Japan or is looking to experience something new. 

Limited Availability, grab it before it’s gone! 

All-new, all this week.