Pickler & Co. Serves Up Fresh Sandwiches & Brodo Bone Broth Is Here To Warm The Soul…Plus Some Fall Desserts!!


Brodo Broth Co. 

Broth is having a moment right now. The days are getting darker and the winds are getting colder. Two cold, hard facts that bring upon your notion that you need to stay warm, and you need to turn a new healthy leaf with something super revitalizing.  Forget super greens this and quinoa that – we have something truly different, very nutritious, and totally new for you.  

We have Brodo, which means “broth” in Italian, founded by Chef Marco Canora of Hearth (the Michelin-guide rearing, NYT Two Stars hailing, James Beard Award-winning Hearth). What began as Hearth’s rich, and intensely flavorful soup and stew stocks turned into a revolutionary way to see the soup base – not as a soup, but a standalone beverage that can be drunk as an alternative to the perils of caffeinated coffees and teas.

Like many of us, Canora’s cry for broth came from a strong desire to detox from the daily stress of the kitchen — late nights, no sleep, too many adult beverages, smoking, and bread-eating (We know that one).

Broth, with its life-giving elixir type properties, is something that should be sipped slowly and enjoyably to really reap its elixir type properties.  The base broths are tasty; their intense flavor from sipping on slowly simmered bones of organic chicken, and grass-fed beef. It’s also many steps above your average cooking or soup broth, given the various infusions Chef has curated in what he calls “Combinations We Love.”

Namely, the Deeply Rooted  – Hearth’s signature broth (a quad of beef, chicken, turkey, fresh veggies), with health-giving turmeric and stomach-pleasing ginger. There’s also the popular Spicy Nonna – the signature broth is dressed up with chili oil and roasted garlic puree as Canora sticks to his roots. And for any Asian flavor lover, we have Oishi Oishi (it’s fun to say) – chicken broth, shiitake tea, reishi powder, roasted garlic puree, grass-fed butter. Or the classic notes of Tom Yum  – a broth that is spicy, and tart. Chicken broth, chili oil, coconut milk, lime, curry spices.

Drink up and brave the season together.


Pickler & Co. 

Reubens, Cubans, and salads, oh my! You will find these delectable items and so much more at Pickler & co, a Midtown deli squeezed into the lobby of a fashion college. Just steps away from the UN, Pickler & co. manages to satisfy the UN of palates, so to speak. Whether you’re looking to go light or hearty, they have something for everyone! 

Pickler & co. works off of 4 basic yet underutilized values:  1) Serve worry-free food that is not just for the well-to-do. New Yorkers of all income levels should be able to eat a meal that is free of artificial preservatives, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, and all the other junk, and do it at an affordable price. 2) Improve the health and quality of the local and national food system by working with vendors who share our commitment to responsible business practices. 3) Provide guests with consistently great products and customer service. 4) Provide their team with a positive work environment and pay them well for an honest day’s work.

Sounds pretty good to me!

So what will you order? Chewie’s Wrap is a fan favorite with a hearty portion of roast beef, pepper jack cheese, garlic mayo, avocado, hot peppers, on a wheat wrap. Another Pickler favorite is the NJ Sloppy Joe. If you know what this is you know how good it is. Smoked turkey, roast beef, swiss cheese, 1000 island dressing, coleslaw on rye bread. Damn. Maybe you want something lighter to get you through this client meeting? Go for the turkey and hummus wrap with delicious ingredients including smoked turkey, American cheese, hummus, olive oil, half-sour pickle, carrot, red onion, all on a wheat wrap.

No matter which way you slice, top, bite, or chew it, Pickler & co. is the way to do it!


Don’t Forget Dessert: Magnolia Bakery 

Magnolia Bakery is delivering fall in a cup! This Tuesday and Thursday check out the pumpkin gingersnap banana pudding. Limited quantities are available. 


Also, this week’s sample in residence: UPTIME Energy

 A premium, better-for-you energy drink that delivers balance, clarity, and focus. Formulated with natural flavors and 142 mg of natural caffeine, this is how energy should feel.

 Choose from six unique SKUs: 

Blood Orange Natural Energy Drink 
Blood Orange Sugar Free Natural Energy Drink 
White Peach Lemonade Natural Energy Drink 
White Peach Lemonade Sugar Free Natural Energy Drink 
Original Citrus Natural Energy Drink 
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New Eats This Week!

Han Dynasty is back for all your Szechuan cravings! 🥡🥡

(Dry Pepper Chicken)

Crispy, spicy, salty, nuggets of tender chicken triple flash-fried with long hot and dry chili peppers served with a side of white rice. 

(Cumin Style Tofu (v))

Cumin crusted tofu stir-fried with bell peppers, dry peppers, long hots, cilantro, and onions, served with a side of white rice. 

New sandwiches from Sarge’s Deli! 🥪🥪

(Grilled Cheese w/ Bacon)

Layers of ooey-gooey American cheese stuffed with crispy bacon and grilled to golden perfection.

(Turkey Pastrami on Rye)

Smoked and thinly sliced turkey pastrami stacked mile high on rye bread. 

Staff Picks

Labor Day weekend may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend. Hold on tight to the last weeks of summer and transport yourself to your favorite beachside lobster shack with Cousin’s Maine Harvest Salad. 


Had a strenuous weekend outside this past Labor Day?  Recover with a FREE SAMPLE from Recover 180. 

Effective hydration – electrolytes, essential vitamins, herbal-based extracts, and a dash of organic cane sugar. A sports drink brought to you by George Clooney’s Casamigos P-I-C, Mike Meldman.

Claim one before it’s gone.

🍪 🍌

Last, but not least, dessert this week. 

Milk Bars delectable cookies available throughout the week!

Confetti Rainbow Sprinkle cookie for the child in all of us, and Cornflake Marshmallow Chocolate Chip for when breakfast just isn’t cutting it. 

New This Week! Get Crackin’ With Cousin’s Maine Lobster 🦞 🦞

Cousin’s Maine Lobster, Cousin’s Maine Lobster, Cousin’s Maine Lobster

I got Lobster, I got rolls
I got Lobster, I got rolls
I’ve been trapping, trapping, trapping, lobster all damn night.
Cousin’s Maine Lobster!

Okay, enough of that. Summer is here and lobster season is at it’s absolute peak.  The meat is juicy and fresh, wild caught off the coast of Maine. What started as a couple of cousins opening up a small food truck, exploded into a Shark Tank-fueled nationwide business. As seen on Eater, Zagat, MSNBC and more, Cousin’s Maine Lobster has garnered a lot of attention and it is well deserved. All the lobster is prepared carefully in small batches, to ensure an Authentic Maine dining experience.

Connecticut-style rolls are the star of the menu, featuring plenty of hot and delicious lobster meat on a buttered New England-style bun. If you want to keep it cool go for the Maine-style rolls, served chilled with just a hint of mayonnaise and a lemon wedge.

But that’s not the only thing that will be on the menu. Sink your teeth into modern Maine favorites like lobster quesadillas, lobster harvest salads, and lobster grilled cheese. When the AC is blasting too hard in your office we got just the thing for you. Rich clam chowder and lobster bisque are here to save the day (and meeting!).

So grab your bib and appetite, it’s time to get crackin’!

Also… refer to the menu for select availability, but we will be offering SAMPLES from refreshing CBD infused Sprig. Try it, smile more & rate it so we know if we should stock it.