Time To Listen To Mama And Chow Down On Some Classic & Fresh Mediterranean Dishes From Mama Ganoush! Plus, Don’t Miss Dessert!

Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean your appetite has to cool down as well. Mama Ganoush is here to save you from “just another lunch” spot and transport you to the Mediterranean with each and every bite you take. 

What did Mama always tell you? Not sure. I didn’t have much of an attention span as a kid and never really knew what anyone was going on but that shouldn’t stop you from ordering Mama Ganoush! Based on the widely-acclaimed Mediterranean diet, Mama Ganoush focuses on fresh ingredients inspired by the coastal towns of the Middle-East, North Africa, and Southern Europe. 

Try their signature grilled steak bowl with saffron basmati rice, tomato, pickle, pickled onion, parsley, spicy hummus, romaine, and lemon tahini. Their loaded cauliflower bowl is a winner as well with bulgur, hummus, tomato, scallion, charred jalapeño, and lemon tahini.

What is a Mediterranean place without salmon? Their spicy salmon bowl comes with fresh roasted salmon, whole wheat bulgur, spicy hummus, marinated chickpeas, spicy broccoli, tomato, kale, pickled turnip, and charred jalapeño. 

Mama didn’t raise no fool so I’m ordering from Mama Ganoush today!


Don’t Miss Dessert! 

On Wednesday this week get your hands on some of New Yorks’s most coveted cookies from Levain, and on Thursday Magnolia Bakery serves up some sweet goodness with their Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Pudding! 

Bareburger Is Here To Satisfy All Your Burger Cravings, Meat Or Otherwise! Plus, Don’t Forget About Dessert!

The founder of Bareburger, Euripides Pelekanos, knows that America loves their burgers, but we’re also becoming more conscientious about our food. So he’s created a healthier comfort food chain that sources sustainable ingredients and goes above and beyond for special diet needs. They recently revamped their menu by halving it between meat and vegan dishes. 

As momma said, veggies first! Their vegan options cannot be beat! They offer multiple varieties of both the Impossible Patty and the Beyond Meat Patty. If these aren’t your jam, they also offer completely plant-based options, such as the gluten-free Farmstead — sweet potato, kale, and wild rice patty — as well as the quinoa and chia-based Rambler or the black bean and roasted corn-based Guadalupe. 

But let’s not forget their outstanding meat-based burgers. The American is a classic with organic grass-fed beef, organic Colby cheese, green leaf, red onions, tomatoes, sweet pickles, organic ketchup, stone ground mustard, on a brioche bun. Feeling bold?

The Flaming Bacon is a must – organic grass-fed beef, organic Colby cheese, uncured all-natural smoked bacon, green leaf, pickled jalapeños, habanero mayo, on a brioche bun…mmmmmmm. Don’t miss out on their chicken dishes either like the spicy Buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese or their chicken fingers. Bareburger is the best thing you’ve had since sliced bread!


Don’t Miss Dessert! 

On Wednesday this week get your hands on some of New Yorks’s most coveted cookies from Levain, and on Thursday Magnolia Bakery serves up some sweet goodness with their Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Pudding! 

Get Your Greens With Greenwich Greens & Red Poke Brings In Healthy Korean


Red Poke Serves Up…..Poke!

Red Poke Red Poke is a healthy Korean fast-casual restaurant that offers a broad selection of freshly and daily prepared raw fish and grilled meat in grain, noodle or salad bowls. Their mission is to deliver good food to everyone with their 4Fs – Fun / Fast / Fresh / Friendly. Commitment and dedication are at their core. 

They are committed to delivering the faithful quality of their food, service, and people while taking extraordinary care of their guests and staff. Red Poke strives to be recognized as a leader of the service industry by consciously focusing on continuous improvement. They provide a clean and well-maintained environment for their guests to enjoy, which you will taste in every bite! 

This relatively large Poke spot also sells coffee and pastries from a case in the front, but the main preoccupation is the namesake, poke. The menu has a decidedly Korean perspective, including grilled beef bowls called Seoul, Incheon, and Gangnam (dressed with kimchi aioli) — in case you’ve forgotten about the hit song of a few years ago. The signature is red poke, a rather familiar assemblage of tuna, cuke, onions, avocado, scallions, and nori sprinkled with sesame seeds.


Get Your Green On With Greenwich Greens

Greenwich Greens is here to fulfill all of your vitamin needs! Although their salads made be basic at first, once you try their salads, your full stomach without any grease will thank you. Conventional salads like chicken Caesar come with a massive portion of grilled chicken and the Classic Cobb comes with Romaine hearts, grilled chicken, egg, bacon, cherry tomato, onion, blue cheese, avocado, and a cherry dijon vinaigrette.

The Thai Salmon Salad will transport you even if you don’t have enough money for holiday flights – mixed greens, roasted salmon, carrots, peppers, tomato, cilantro, almonds, spicy broccoli, and a cashew-ginger dressing. 

The Big Apple will have you feeling like you’re at home when you are away for the holidays! Mesclun, Arugula, cherry tomato, apple, goat cheese, craisins, walnuts, and a balsamic vinaigrette. Mmmmmmmm!

Also, this week’s sample in residence: Bokksu

Discover Japan through hand-crafted artisanal snacks.  Start with a trial of their uniquely decadent white chocolate infused strawberry… a sweet that’s unlike any other. 

What’s better? A $10 off code to try out Bokksu with every sample. 

Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Serves Up Some Of The Best Fried Chicken In NYC… & Grab A Nostalgia Inducing Sample

🎶You know I like my chicken fried, And cold beer on a Friday night, A pair of jeans that fit just right, And the radio on🎶

Well, maybe the cold beer on a Friday night is a cold brew on a Tuesday morning. And the jeans are actually Uniqlo pants. And the radio is a new podcast about serial killers. Whatever, you get the point. 

If you’re a fried chicken fan, and if you’re not on a restrictive diet you better be, at some point over the several years you have found yourself in the homey kitchen of Bobwhite for their flagship dish. Founder and palate behind the restaurant, Keedrick Coulter’s, makes outstanding birds and sides at Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter. The crispy, juicy bites will transport you from your desk to the South in seconds. 

Wrap your mouth around any one of their irresistible dishes like the Chicken (not so) little plate, which includes a drumstick, a wing, and the oft sought after thigh. Bobwhite does its chicken the classic Southern style, brining the bird in sweet tea (yes, really), but they manage to avoid the sour taste often found at other spots around NYC.

The meat is hot, juicy, and rich; the skin, dredged in flour and a bevy of spices before boiling in oil, is golden brown and primed for your lunch order. The plate also comes with a top-notch, always buttery biscuit (add honey from your coffee station for a real treat) and a side (curried collards, famous mac n cheese, or tangy coleslaw). Those folks in the kitchen really know what they’re doing.

But wait, there’s more! Buffalo or Plain Chicken Sandwiches are another highlight of the menu. Forget what you’ve heard about the great fried chicken sandwich debate, Bobwhite takes the plate! Made with juicy white meat chicken tenders, both of their sandwiches knock it out of the park. Whether you’re trying to get fit before the holidays or just don’t care, Bobwhite will make you throw your hands up in the air! 


Also, this week’s sample in residence: The Good Crisp

The classic canister chip, without all the nasties

 Choose from two unique SKUs:  Original or Sour Cream & Onion


Pickler & Co. Serves Up Fresh Sandwiches & Brodo Bone Broth Is Here To Warm The Soul…Plus Some Fall Desserts!!


Brodo Broth Co. 

Broth is having a moment right now. The days are getting darker and the winds are getting colder. Two cold, hard facts that bring upon your notion that you need to stay warm, and you need to turn a new healthy leaf with something super revitalizing.  Forget super greens this and quinoa that – we have something truly different, very nutritious, and totally new for you.  

We have Brodo, which means “broth” in Italian, founded by Chef Marco Canora of Hearth (the Michelin-guide rearing, NYT Two Stars hailing, James Beard Award-winning Hearth). What began as Hearth’s rich, and intensely flavorful soup and stew stocks turned into a revolutionary way to see the soup base – not as a soup, but a standalone beverage that can be drunk as an alternative to the perils of caffeinated coffees and teas.

Like many of us, Canora’s cry for broth came from a strong desire to detox from the daily stress of the kitchen — late nights, no sleep, too many adult beverages, smoking, and bread-eating (We know that one).

Broth, with its life-giving elixir type properties, is something that should be sipped slowly and enjoyably to really reap its elixir type properties.  The base broths are tasty; their intense flavor from sipping on slowly simmered bones of organic chicken, and grass-fed beef. It’s also many steps above your average cooking or soup broth, given the various infusions Chef has curated in what he calls “Combinations We Love.”

Namely, the Deeply Rooted  – Hearth’s signature broth (a quad of beef, chicken, turkey, fresh veggies), with health-giving turmeric and stomach-pleasing ginger. There’s also the popular Spicy Nonna – the signature broth is dressed up with chili oil and roasted garlic puree as Canora sticks to his roots. And for any Asian flavor lover, we have Oishi Oishi (it’s fun to say) – chicken broth, shiitake tea, reishi powder, roasted garlic puree, grass-fed butter. Or the classic notes of Tom Yum  – a broth that is spicy, and tart. Chicken broth, chili oil, coconut milk, lime, curry spices.

Drink up and brave the season together.


Pickler & Co. 

Reubens, Cubans, and salads, oh my! You will find these delectable items and so much more at Pickler & co, a Midtown deli squeezed into the lobby of a fashion college. Just steps away from the UN, Pickler & co. manages to satisfy the UN of palates, so to speak. Whether you’re looking to go light or hearty, they have something for everyone! 

Pickler & co. works off of 4 basic yet underutilized values:  1) Serve worry-free food that is not just for the well-to-do. New Yorkers of all income levels should be able to eat a meal that is free of artificial preservatives, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, and all the other junk, and do it at an affordable price. 2) Improve the health and quality of the local and national food system by working with vendors who share our commitment to responsible business practices. 3) Provide guests with consistently great products and customer service. 4) Provide their team with a positive work environment and pay them well for an honest day’s work.

Sounds pretty good to me!

So what will you order? Chewie’s Wrap is a fan favorite with a hearty portion of roast beef, pepper jack cheese, garlic mayo, avocado, hot peppers, on a wheat wrap. Another Pickler favorite is the NJ Sloppy Joe. If you know what this is you know how good it is. Smoked turkey, roast beef, swiss cheese, 1000 island dressing, coleslaw on rye bread. Damn. Maybe you want something lighter to get you through this client meeting? Go for the turkey and hummus wrap with delicious ingredients including smoked turkey, American cheese, hummus, olive oil, half-sour pickle, carrot, red onion, all on a wheat wrap.

No matter which way you slice, top, bite, or chew it, Pickler & co. is the way to do it!


Don’t Forget Dessert: Magnolia Bakery 

Magnolia Bakery is delivering fall in a cup! This Tuesday and Thursday check out the pumpkin gingersnap banana pudding. Limited quantities are available. 


Also, this week’s sample in residence: UPTIME Energy

 A premium, better-for-you energy drink that delivers balance, clarity, and focus. Formulated with natural flavors and 142 mg of natural caffeine, this is how energy should feel.

 Choose from six unique SKUs: 

Blood Orange Natural Energy Drink 
Blood Orange Sugar Free Natural Energy Drink 
White Peach Lemonade Natural Energy Drink 
White Peach Lemonade Sugar Free Natural Energy Drink 
Original Citrus Natural Energy Drink 
Original Citrus Sugar Free Natural Energy Drink 


Pisillo Italian Panini, Sandwiches Fit For A King & Dalup Serves Up A Modern Lighter Indian Fare…& Some Fall Treats!!


Pisillo Italian Panini! 

As fictional New Yorker and food enthusiast, Liz Lemon once said, “I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.” Maybe she also meant to add “eating with your coworkers” but I think you get the point. It’s a simple formula – high-quality bread, protein, fresh veggies, and a sauce or dressing to pull it all together. What is so amazing about sandwiches is that something so simple can be so transcendent. There’s nothing quite like a good sandwich. 

No one represents the simple yet perfect aspect of a sandwich better than Antonella Silvio and Carmelo Nazzaro of Pisillo Italian Panini. Antonella and Carmelo opened Pisillo almost three years ago, as a white-tiled homage to Silvio’s home town in Italy, Sant’Agata de’ Goti, an arresting stone bastion nestled in the hills above Naples. 

Inside the small shop, they are able to craft NYC’s largest, freshest, and most delicious sandwiches, all served on fresh ciabatta made daily. Seriously, you’re gonna freak when you see these sandwiches. Try their namesake sandwich, the Pisillo – Prosciutto di parma, porchetta, bufala mozzarella, roasted red peppers, arugula and balsamic dressing on that aforementioned airy and chewy ciabatta bread.

Feelin’ fancy? Try the Torino Truffle sandwich with coppa, fresh mozzarella, and arugula on ciabatta bread. If you are looking for something without meat but still full of fresh Italian flavor, go for the Capri – Bufala mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, arugula and extra virgin olive oil on ciabatta bread. 

You really can’t go wrong when Pisillo does everything so damn right! 



A Dosa this, a Dalup of that. A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.

Ok, so maybe Marry Poppins wasn’t referring to a lamb korma or a delicious paneer, but then again, maybe she was. Regardless of where you stand on the Marry Poppins debate, Dalup has you covered. There you’ll find the vibrant flavors of Indian, realigned with their fresh approach for the lighter palate.

Dalup is Inspired by traditional Indian flavors near and far, and driven by technology to define their own standard of authenticity and health consciousness. You won’t find cream, excess oil, or deep frying in anything that they do. Instead, you’ll find vibrant, real and fresh dishes, every time. Their curries are dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free.

Try the classic chicken karma bowl, roasted chicken in a cashew curry similar to a tikka masala, with biryani rice, roasted beets, and seasonal vegetables. Looking for something a little lighter, check out the coconut kofta naan roll, vegetable kofta with coconut curry, red onion, ancient grain, lettuce and coconut wrapped in naan.

Dalup will leave you feeling satisfied without any of the guilt, you may even want seconds! 


Kick-off fall with some of Doughnut Plant’s seasonal favorites. On Tuesday skip the farm, doughnut plant will do the picking for you with their apple cinnamon doughnut, and on Thursday join the craze and grab a pumpkin and spiced pepitas doughnut. Limited quantities available.

Also, this week’s sample in residence: Steeped Coffee.

What if you just want one quality cup of coffee?

Quality brew, anytime, anywhere.  Just add hot water.

 Choose from four unique blends: California Blend Medium Roast, Driftwood Blend French Roast, Eventide Decaf, Odyessy Dark Roast

There’s Never Too Much Toum…Or Dessert! 🥙🥙🍨🍨

Too Much Toum! 

Yea there’s no such thing. For those uninitiated, Toum is Lebanese for garlic, so as we said, there’s no such thing as Toum much. Toum is known as the national condiment of Lebanon, and its signature dip, for good reason, you can put this stuff on anything. No seriously, test it out. 

While trying to recommend Lebanese fair to friends visiting, founders Christine and Rodrigue realized there weren’t many places they could go, and the idea for Toum was born. They would introduce authentic Lebanese cuisine to us grateful New Yorkers. 

Toum hit the streets in 2012 with their brand new food truck, eager to serve the masses. From the Upper West Side to Midtown, to Fidi, people just couldn’t get enough. Fast forward to today and Toum finally has a brick & mortar location so we can all stop chasing down that elusive truck. Stop by for juicy chicken shawarma, served with Toum (of course), Fattoush salad, pickled turnips, and freshly made pita. Try the classic crispy falafel rice bowl, served with rice and vermicelli, creamy tahini, and pita. 

Looking for something light and fresh? Don’t miss the Tabbouleh salad with beef shawarma, served with creamy tahini, pickled onions, and fresh parsley. They also have delicious sides, such as pumpkin kibbeh (bulgur with minced onions, and spices stuffed with pumpkin), beef kibbeh, and spinach pies. 

There’s really no way you can go wrong, so step up Toum the plate and try one of their dishes today! 


Don’t Forget Dessert: Magnolia Bakery 

Magnolia Bakery is delivering fall in a cup! This Tuesday and Thursday check out the pumpkin gingersnap banana pudding. Limited quantities are available. 


Also, this week’s sample in residence.

Blondies & brownies that break all the rules, made from chickpeas with no compromise on taste. 

Hello, Rule Breaker Snacks. 

Get rebellious with GF and plant-based flavors: Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chunk, Deep Chocolate, P Nutter. 


Mighty Quinn’s Brings The Meats & Manchi Delivers The Goods… Don’t Forget Dessert! 🍖🍛 🍨


Mighty Quinn’s Does BBQ right! 

The approach at Mighty Quinn’s is simple: source the best quality ingredients they can and donʼt fuss with them too much. They cook their barbeque the old school way with plenty of wood and time, adding just the right amount of salt and spice to let that lovely marriage of process and product evolve into something transcendent.

Their dishes are absolutely drool-worthy. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get perfectly breaded and fried and served at Mighty Quinn’s. They have three varieties of chicken sandwiches that come with pickled veggies, coleslaw, their signature mac n cheese, as well as their sweet and savory brisket burnt end baked beans. The same goes for the BBQ sandwiches with a heaping portion of smoked meat and a soft bun to assemble it in. Mighty Quinn’s has hopped on the bowl train and has several options that are sure to fulfill your bowl-mania!

Mighty Quinn’s brings together the best of all great BBQ techniques to create something uniquely its own. The process begins with the best, all-natural meats and poultry, seasoned with perfect spice blends and then smoked with wood for many, many hours until the perfect harmony of smoke, flavor and time emerges. Their food is steeped in tradition but given new life. 

BBQ was created in the South but Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque was born and raised in New York!


Manchi Means Good! 

Mangia Manchi! 

Okay, this place is not Italian, but the food is great! Manchi has a brand spanking new menu with classics and creative takes on the favorites! Emphasizing the authentic flavors of India, Manchi hits hope for some and takes tastebuds on a trip for others. Manchi’s vegetable-forward menu is composed of core dishes found throughout the country.

Enjoy fresh and delicious proteins like spiced chicken or tofu, with a variety of bases and toppings

The fan-favorite chicken tikka masala is not to be missed! Manchi roasts their chicken and then serves it in a lightly spiced tomato and cashew butter sauce. It is served with basmati rice, yogurt, mint cilantro chutney, sweet chutney, and a green mango pico. Stick with the veggies and enjoy their take on an Indian favorite: saag tofu with Chana Masala – tofu in a creamed mustard leaves and spinach sauce with ginger, chickpea curry, with whole spices simmered in black tea. Served with basmati rice, mint cilantro chutney, and green mango pico  

Manchi Bojanam! (Enjoy your meal!)


Don’t Forget Dessert: Magnolia Bakery 

Magnolia Bakery is delivering fall in a cup! This Tuesday check out the pumpkin gingersnap banana pudding and on Thursday get back to basics with Magnolias famous original banana pudding. Limited quantities are available. 


Also, this week’s sample in residence.

Featuring clean coconut taste from Vietnam’s Mekong Delta 

Hello, CocoGoods Co. 

It’s all good with flavors like plain, pineapple & passionfruit. 


Heal Your Lunch With Bombay Sandwich Co. & Chase Away The Blues With Habanero Blues..& Don’t Skip Dessert!! 🥙🌯🍪


Bombay Sandwich Co. Brings The Clean Eat’s! 

Founded at the Smorgasburg food festival in Brooklyn in 2012, Bombay opened their first brick and mortar shop in Manhattan in 2014 and are proud to be called ”Best Sandwich”, “ Best Bowl”, “Best Indian” and of course, “Best Chai”, according to Smorgasburg. They’ve been featured on The Cooking Chanel, Food Network and CBS, and have even fed global tastemakers like Bono, Julianne Moore, Fred Armisen, Anne Hathaway, and Yoko Ono.

Bombay Sandwich Co makes delicious and nutritious meals informed from their Indian heritage and Brooklyn roots, with the philosophy of “let thy food be thy medicine.” They roast and grind Ayurvedic spices that restore and energize the body while making your tastebuds explode with flavor bombs. 

They have numerous delectable vegan and vegetarian specialties, but none are more ubiquitous with the restaurant than the Chana Masala sandwich made with slow-cooked chickpeas topped with mixed greens, pickled onions and homemade date chutney in a ciabatta roll.

Try something new with their vegan “chicken” bowl made with vegan “chicken” protein, with a hearty gravy and their own blend of spices. Served with cucumber & tomato salad apple garlic pickle, kale pesto, hot sauce, and brown rice.


Feeling blue? Fear Not, Habanero Blues Is Here!

We’re here to put some spice back into your life with our arrival, Habanero Blues, where the colorful food selection makes it feel like every day is a Cinco de Mayo party.

Not all Mexican is created equal. Some folks are more taco heavy; some are fast-casual focusing on burritos (and their bowl counterparts); some are muy authentico; some others are modern and Westernized. No matter which way you cut it, we have endless love for guacamole and pico de gallo and don’t feel we New Yorkers will ever tire of it. At HB, there’s an explosion of flavor through things you’d expect like tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas (!), but there’s also “bolos” – which are the flavors of Mexicoin a bowl.

Signature styles include (and adamantly refuse substitutions) Monterrey: grilled corn, radish, zucchini, avocado, cilantro, red cabbage and sesame seeds (oh?). It works.  Or, Durango: tortilla chip, black beans, guac, cheddar, jalapeño, authentic cream, and pico. Or Oaxaca: bacon, corn, black beans, egg, avocado, tomato, cabbage, radish, queso Fresca for a breakfast for lunch feel.

All come over a protein – even vegetarian heavy hitters like nopales (cactus!) for our green thumbs. Any bolo can be made a burrito.Other authentic hits include the antojitos (snacks) like Mexican flatuas, and pozole- a homey hominy soup.

HB is known for sporting a good time with a large space (and bar) to have a raging happy hour, but let us bring the fiesta to your desk so it’s fun o clock when the clock strikes twelve.


As always don’t miss this week’s dessert! 

Levain is back! On Wednesday skip breakfast and get Levain’s oatmeal raisin cookie, and on Thursday chocolate lovers rejoice and bite into Levain’s chocolate peanut butter chip cookie! Limited quantity available. 

Also, this week’s sample in residence.

Featuring EPIC Provisions’ Meat Bars:

Less Sweet, More Meat

Savory nutrition bars to help keep you fueled throughout the workday 


Never Say Goodbye To This Thai Chella & More Sweet Treats…🍩🍩

Thailand is one bite closer with STADIUM’s newest addition, Thai Chella! Thai Chella captures the genuine flavors of Thailand and brings them straight to your office. From the flavors and minds behind Herbs Thai Bistro comes New York’s newest and most delicious Thai restaurant, kicking it up a notch from the usual suspects. 

It’s tough to beat Thai for lunch, whether that be a sweet and creamy Thai iced tea, flavorful (and spicy, depending on your palate) pad Thais, or rich curries.

Thai Chella takes these classics and bumps them up, pairing crisp, roasted duck with their deconstructed Pad Thais, adding bright pops of lychee to their Thai iced tea, and much more. 

There is an abundance of garlic throughout the menu, which accentuates each and every dish. Their crab fried rice is dotted with large chunks of crab, their spring rolls are as crisp as can be, and the Thai Chella specials – ranging from honey tamarind duck, miso-glazed salmon, and slow-cooked beef khao soi noodles – are flavorful, unique, and deeply satisfying.

Knock Knock, it’s Flavortown delivered right to your desk!


There are plenty of chances to score some top-notch dessert this week, so don’t miss out! On Tuesday, sink your teeth into Doughnut Plants magical carrot cake doughnut. On Wednesday, everyone’s favorite original banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery is back, and on Thursday act fast to get your hands on Doughnut Plants vanilla bean and jam doughnut! Limited quantities are available. 


Also, this week’s sample in residence.

Fat is back. Sugar is out. Keep it keto…and delicious…and clean. Feel energized and Love Good Fats.

 Insanely creamy bars with only 1-2g of sugar in a variety of flavors


Ride The Wave With Sweetcatch Poke & Fire Up The Grill With Brine Chicken…Plus Dessert! 🍩🍩


Fresh Off The Grill Brine Chicken Is Here! 

Remember that time you grilled up some chicken and were ready to impress all your dinner guests? Maybe it was a little dry, maybe it was half-decent! Yea, this is way better than that. Brine Chicken, Founded by Otto’s Taco’s alum Joseph LoNigro, is the leading revolution against dry chicken much like Napoleon lead the French Revolution against dry duck. 

From the juicy chicken, they spend countless hours painstakingly preparing, to the dining room floors, they are always working towards perfection. The Brine team is committed to their core values and committed to providing the best service, quality, and flavor you deserve.  

Feeling particularly famished? Try their Signature half chicken, brined (DUH) and coated with their blackened chili and honey-garlic sauce, char-grilled to perfection served with brown sugar and lemon pan-roasted carrots and charred broccoli florets covered in parmesan… yea, you heard that right. Not ready for all that chicken In your life? Opt for one of their equally delicious salads. Go for the Gigi salad (no this isn’t the Palm) with buttermilk tzatziki beets, sliced red onion, roasted red pepper, cranberries, goat cheese, and white balsamic dressing. 

Don’t worry there’s something for everyone, we haven’t forgotten about you, sandwich lovers. Brine’s classic chicken sandwich consists of blackened chili honey-garlic sauce pulled chicken stuffed between buttered grilled brioche, topped with coleslaw and black pepper aioli. 

Brine your tastebuds and get ready to eat! 


Surfs Up With Sweetcatch Poke!

Don’t huff. We know there’s a lot poke out there. But to us, that just means the market demand is big enough for it.  This is STADIUM, after all, were plenty of fish come to hopefully hook and win your tastebuds’ approval. At Sweetcatch, fresh, traditionally prepared marinated poke is done to make the traditional Hawaiians proud. Tuna is slung in chef-y shoyu to make bowls called “Wasabi Shoyu.” These feature highest grade sushi tuna, marinated in sweet and green onions, cucumber, ogo seaweed, wasabi tobiko.  Zesty, you bet. Delicious, absolutely.

Salmon gets a spicy yet refreshing makeover in a delicate Japanese yuzu sauce via the “Spicy Yuzu,” fresh salmon in yuzu chile sauce, sweet & green onions, cucumber, radish, mango, red chile, sea salt, cilantro, sesame seeds, arare.  Arare?  Yes, authentic ingredient alert – arare is a type of bite-sized Japanese cracker made from dried rice and flavored with soy sauce. Any Oriental Mix fans in da house?

Classic, purist varieties are available for tuna, salmon lovers of course. The iconoclasts will enjoy the creamy “Firecracker” shrimp bowl; creamy spicy firecracker sauce, Masago roe, sweet & green onions, daikon sprouts, with plump shrimp atop.

Tofu lovers get poke-fied with a Korean twang, as the signature vegetarian tofu bowl is served as organic firm tofu, Hawaiian tamari sauce, sweet & green onions, garlic, chives, Korean chili powder, sesame seeds, red chile, sea salt, fried shallots.  Holy mother of texture!

Fresh fish aside, the deal is sweetened here because Sweetcatch Poke’ssignatures were curated by TopChef Lee Ann Wong, who today, has become a poke queen in her native Honolulu. The day to day is overseen by Chef Kohei Kishida.

From international to local waters, every fleshy, fishy bit is from the “catch of the day.”


Dough-Not miss this weeks specialty dessert! 

Fresh from Doughnut Plant two of their classic flavors are gracing our menu this week.  On Tuesday, check out the Carrot Cake doughnut, and on Thursday, look out for the classic raspberry doughnut! It’s officially the beginning of the cozy season so kick it off the right way with some celebratory doughnuts

Also, this week’s sample in residence.

Drink Xoca: a refreshing sparkling beverage that upcycles the precious cacao fruit. 

Ahh, the drink of the Ecuadorian gods. Available in Original, Mint, and Ginger.

Bienvenido Otto’s Tacos & Dessert! 🌮🌮 🍨🍨

You get a salad! You get a burrito bowl! You get guac! This place has absolutely nothing to do with Oprah but sometimes game needs to recognize game. What started with a young SoCal NYU film school graduate’s dream has exploded into one of New York’s favorite Mexi-Cali spots, dishing up all of your favorites with the freshest flavors. 

Otto wasn’t always a food fanatic, but after much thought and consideration and an empty stomach lacking food of his hometown, Otto decided enough was enough and sought to open his own place with a couple of friends. Well, about 6 years and several locations later I think it is safe to say he succeeded. Still a quality-obsessed individual, Otto focuses on fresh and seasonal ingredients for every dish they serve. 

If a burrito bowl is what the appetite gods are craving, fall in love with anyone of the Otto bowls, served with a healthy portion of protein or vegetables, rice, beans, pico de gallo, and maybe a little more; you’ll just have to order and see 😉 

The proteins range from juicy carne aside to fresh chicken and you can even dive under the sea with flavorful marinated and grilled shrimp. The same goes for all their salads, which begin with a heaping portion of greens and are served with crispy masa croutons. Literally, slay me to the heavens and back (or to SoCal and back, heard the weather is better there).


Don’t miss this weeks specialty dessert from Magnolia Bakery! 

Monday enjoy Magnolia’s Magic Bar Banana Pudding, and on Friday, get back to the basics with Magnolia’s Original Banana Pudding. Limited quantity available.


Also, this week.

Sample a premium beef jerky that is hand-crafted & slowly-marinated overnight to perfection from T.O.P. Chops Jerky.

Life’s tough, chew easy.  Available in Original, Teriyaki, Spicy Chili Pepper.


Bon Appetito Claudio’s & Weekly Desserts 🍝🍫

Buon dia e bon appetito! Yeah that’s just about as far as Google Translate is gonna take us. Transport your tastebuds to Italy with STADIUM’s newest pasta and sandwich partner, Claudio’s! 

Owner and chef Claudio Bueti has been making some of the best pasta in our city for over two decades. With family recipes straight from Southern Italy, every bite will have you in Italian La La land. The pastas are made fresh to order and use only the best ingredients – homemade mozzarella, fresh lasagna sheet pasta, imported and aged prosciutto di parma, and much more.

Not sure what to order? Take a trip through their menu, starting with their homemade mozzarella balls, flash-fried until golden brown and ooey gooey and served with a vodka dipping sauce. Mm.

Move on to their heavenly pasta like their classic orecchiette with sausage, broccoli rabe, and sweet garlic.

Or sink your teeth into their perfectly al dente penne a la vodka. 

Go handheld and get any one of their delicious (and huge) sandwiches, filled with a range of ingredients like homemade beef meatballs, chicken parmesan, or thinly sliced Italian meats and cheeses.

Feeling a little extra hungry? Go for any of their entrees like grilled salmon scampi, eggplant parmesan or chicken marsala, all served over freshly cooked pasta. 

Better than your nonna’s, Claudio’s will leave you full and happy 🙂 


Don’t miss this week’s special dessert! 

Magnolia’s Banana Pudding! 

Tuesday try Magnolia’s special Magic Bar Banana Pudding & Thursday, dip into Magnolia’s Classic Banana Pudding!


Also, this week.

Sample a fair trade, premium, Five Star Bar from Vermont-based Lake Champlain Chocolates

Extraordinary is the feeling in that first bite.  

The slow melt, the irresistible taste that beckons you to indulge. 

Choose among Almond, Caramel or Fruit & Nut varieties.


Last, but not least, dessert this week. 

The Duchess has arrived.  New super-luxe cookies from family-owned, Duchess Cookies.

Like em?  Order em, and let us know, so we can bring in the chariot every week.

🍪 🍪 🍪 

New Eats This Week!

Han Dynasty is back for all your Szechuan cravings! 🥡🥡

(Dry Pepper Chicken)

Crispy, spicy, salty, nuggets of tender chicken triple flash-fried with long hot and dry chili peppers served with a side of white rice. 

(Cumin Style Tofu (v))

Cumin crusted tofu stir-fried with bell peppers, dry peppers, long hots, cilantro, and onions, served with a side of white rice. 

New sandwiches from Sarge’s Deli! 🥪🥪

(Grilled Cheese w/ Bacon)

Layers of ooey-gooey American cheese stuffed with crispy bacon and grilled to golden perfection.

(Turkey Pastrami on Rye)

Smoked and thinly sliced turkey pastrami stacked mile high on rye bread. 

Staff Picks

Labor Day weekend may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend. Hold on tight to the last weeks of summer and transport yourself to your favorite beachside lobster shack with Cousin’s Maine Harvest Salad. 


Had a strenuous weekend outside this past Labor Day?  Recover with a FREE SAMPLE from Recover 180. 

Effective hydration – electrolytes, essential vitamins, herbal-based extracts, and a dash of organic cane sugar. A sports drink brought to you by George Clooney’s Casamigos P-I-C, Mike Meldman.

Claim one before it’s gone.

🍪 🍌

Last, but not least, dessert this week. 

Milk Bars delectable cookies available throughout the week!

Confetti Rainbow Sprinkle cookie for the child in all of us, and Cornflake Marshmallow Chocolate Chip for when breakfast just isn’t cutting it. 

New This Week! Giant Sandwiches…Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie & KPV Donuts 🍋 🥖 🍩

🎶Yummy, yummy, yummy

I got deli in my belly and I feel like a-eatin’ you

Sarge’s, you’re such a savory thing, good enough to eat thing

And it’s just a-what I’m gonna do🎶


New This Week! Giant Sandwiches…Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie & KPV Donuts 🍋 🥖 🍩

Introducing Sarge’s Deli

Since 1964 (four years before that absolute banger-of-a-song came out), Sarge’s Deli has been the NYC deli scene’s best-kept secret. But, guess what? The secret is out.

Whereas many of NYC’s delis have come and gone, Sarge’s is not only surviving but thriving. How do they do it? A commitment to excellence, service, and taste. They use the best ingredients and know exactly what to do with them. 

Classic Stack of Onion Rings

It’s time to say “L’chaim” to lunch with sandwiches taller than the Empire State Building, and dishes more filling that a Staten Island park, you are sure to find the perfect dish at Sarge’s.

Start off with a classic like a potato knish that comes in a variety of flavors like spinach, kasha, and plain. Or, go for a hearty side of creamed spinach, potato salad, or a mushroom barley medley.

Black & White Cookies

Next up, the heavy hitters – pastrami sandwich on rye bread, roasted turkey sandwich, or a slow-cooked roast beef sandwich au jus. 

The Reuben

But deli sandwiches isn’t all Sarge’s has, there’s a variety of delicious salads like the buffalo chicken and the enormous Cobb salad.  They also have Jewish favorites like smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese, American favorites like a massive Philly cheesesteak and buffalo wings, and much more.

Potato Pancake

Finish off with something sweet and try any one of their famous cakes and cheesecakes, as well as mini versions of Steve’s Key Lime Pie straight from Brooklyn.

Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie 

No matter how you slice it, Sarge’s can’t be beaten!


Also, this week. Sample a Keto, Paleo & Vegan donut straight from Anchorage, Alaska.

Perfect for mountain men and sweet tooths alike, FossilFuel makes their full-circle performance-enhancing confections by hand in small batch quantities with love.

Free of dairy, gluten, soy, egg, GMO, and preservatives.  Choose from a variety of flavors to hit every tastebud.

🍪 🍌

Last, but not least, dessert this week.  Cause one sweet isn’t enough.

Tuesday & Thursday: Magnolia’s World Famous Banana Pudding 

Friday: the cookies to swoon over…Levain Bakery

New This Week! Around the world with Junzi, Latineria, and Bokksu…🇨🇳 🇨🇺 🇯🇵

This week, we’re introducing three new heavy hitters. 

About Junzi Kitchen:

Bings, bowl, and more from northern China to your desk. It’s about good Chinese for all.

Incubated at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute and first opened in 2015, Junzi grew out of a hunger for childhood staples: northern Chinese food made with healthy, seasonal ingredients.

In just three years, Junzi has grown to four locations across Connecticut and Manhattan.

So what does Junzi mean?  In ancient Chinese tradition, Junzis were known as persons who operate with the utmost integrity. Becoming a Junzi is a pursuit: it means to be honest, kind, open to new ideas, and above all, the best version of ourselves.

Integrity is the overarching guiding principle for everything Junzi Kitchen, does: from how they make their food to how they relate to the world.

There are so many undeniably delicious options at Junzi, it’s hard to choose.  Luckily, as in the case of all BYO concepts, we’ve done the legwork.

We suggest you start off with one of their signature (nonmessy) bings, like the Roasted Sesame Chicken with ginger, buddha’s palm, shredded cucumber, scallions, and a delicious roasted sesame sauce.

Keep your appetite rolling and sink your teeth into their famous Tomato Pork Noodles made with knife-cut noodles, tomato & egg sauce, braised tender pork, garlic, chives, pickled daikon, and refreshing cilantro.  Fresh, and delicious.

Junzi also has a delicious selection of sides, desserts, and teas.  Some that strike us are the braised beef shank with cilantro, smashed cucumber salad, and cold brew oolong.

Any way you twist your chopsticks, you are sure to land on a winner with Junzi.

About Latineria:

We welcome the advent of sister restaurant to our beloved Mexican spot, La Chula… Latineria.  Chef-crafted by the talented Chef Julian Medina’s, Latineria focuses on serving refined Latin, namely Cuban eats, in a  fast-casual setting.

Chef Julian Medina, owner of numerous hotspots in NYC has been creating refined Mexican and Latin cuisine for twenty years. He’s created numerous acclaimed food concepts around town, and garnered accolades from the food media, including The New York Times and The New Yorker, as well as appearing on various high-profile television shows.

At Latineria, you’ll find flaky, homemade empanadas featuring bacon, egg & cheese, chicken tinga, ham & cheese, Columbian beef and potato, and more. There’s also deliciously classic Cuban sandwich stuffed with freshly roasted pork, crispy pickles, and gooey cheese.

We stand by their carefully prepared meats. Look no further than their Pollo Sandwich with avocado mayonnaise and queso blanco. If you’re feeling really hungry, try one of their platos like the Ropa Vieja (shredded beef, peppers braised in tomato sauce,) Pernil (Cuban roast pork,) Pollo Rostizado (Peruvian roasted chicken marinated in Spices,) or a one-of-a-kind Picadillo Vegetariano (braised carrots, potatoes, peas, capers, and olives in tomato sauce.)

Everything at Latineria will give you the energy you need to get through the workday and even fuel you into a night of salsa and tango.

About Bokksu: 

This week’s exclusive offer is an invitation to try a new, unique service, Bokksu. 

Bokksu, which aptly means, “box” in Japanese, is a monthly subscription box service that helps you discover Japan through snacks.  Aiming to share authentic Japanese snacks with a global audience, each month features a carefully handpicked assortment of gourmet snacks from local vendors that can’t be found anywhere else.   

Through generations of craftsmanship and authentic story-telling, Bokksu brings Japan straight to your door, while helping sustainably support local Japanese artisans.  These curated snack tours of Japan make for perfect corporate and snack programs and are paired with a beautiful culture guide about each snack. 

Items in the box range from premium Japanese tea sachets, handmade Bokksu-exclusive yuzu sake candy from 5th generation Kyoto candy makers, to funky yet delicious rice crackers, to Hello Kitty matcha chocolates.   

There are options from the Classic Box, which features 20-25 single-serve snacks, to the Tasting Box, a scaled-down version, to the Bokksu market, where some snacks are sold a la carte

From now until 8/31/2019, Bokksu is offering an exclusive discount to STADIUM customers — 15% off — to redeem your first box.  It’s the perfect send-off for anyone who loves all-things Japan or is looking to experience something new. 

Limited Availability, grab it before it’s gone! 

All-new, all this week. 

New This Week! MakiMaki Sushi Brings The Crunch & Get Back To Your Roots With Pressed Juicery


🎶 ‘Cause you MakiMaki me feel
You MakiMaki me feel
You MakiMaki me feel like
I want some sushi (sushi) 🎶

Mmmmmmmmmm! Aretha always hitting’ those high sushi notes. “MakiMaki is a premium fast-casual sushi bar concept that focuses exclusively on sushi rolls:  traditional eight-piece cut-up maki and cone-shaped temaki or hand rolls.  Specifically, the patented one-of-a-kind temaki hand rolls have roasted seaweed wrapped in plastic, ensuring that the hand roll will be crunchy as opposed to soggy. MakiMaki brings sushi rolls into the fast-casual dining category by preparing all rolls in a uniquely efficient fashion that keeps prices down and taste buds up.” 

Love tuna? Dive into the Tuna Lovers Combo Box featuring an eight-piece tuna roll and an eight-piece spicy tuna roll. Feeling spicy? Try the Spicy Dual Rolls Combo Box featuring an eight-piece spicy tuna roll and an eight-piece spicy crab roll. Make sure you don’t miss out on their always crispy handroll trios. Go for a classic with the Classic Handroll Trio with a California handroll, spicy tuna handroll, and an eel & avocado handroll.

You can also get sushi a la carte and get the best of both worlds. Cut rolls and hand rolls are available in their combo boxes like the Gone Fishing Combo Box with eight pieces of yellowtail scallion and a spicy scallop hand roll.

MakiMaki has perfected the process of preparing fresh, custom-made sushi rolls of five-star quality fish and proudly serves its products at reachable prices.  MakiMaki pioneered this unique and engaging approach to enjoying fresh, tailor-made sushi that combines “in-and-out” pace with high quality and authenticity. 

Their ultimate mission is to bring this experience to every New Yorker and we can’t wait for you to try them!


🎶 Pressure pushing down on parsley
Pressing down for juice, everyone asks for
Under pressure that builds a body up
Splits a fruit in two
Gets people into juice

Um ba ba be  🎶

From the passion to live better, three friends came together to create a local, tasty, and innovative juice company for all.  Pressed Juicery has set the standard for cold-pressed juice by abiding to a simple, guiding principle: nutrition should be delicious accessible to everyone. Pressed Juicery’s farm-to-bottle promise provides millions of customers with healthy juice sourced from California’s Central Valley.

They have a wide variety of products featuring some of the most delicious and nutritious juices you’ll ever lay your tastebuds on including green-based, citrus-based, root-based, and fruit-based juices as well as signature almond blends and lemonades.  Unfortunately, we aren’t able to carry their unique plant-based soft-serve but recommend you try it in-store. 

We love their unforgettably excellent Greens 3 juice, packed with kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, and ginger. Or another personal favorite, the Citrus 2 – pineapple, apple, lemon, and mint. It strikes a similar chord to a tropical mojito sans the rum.

Feeling the rhythm and beets? Go for the Roots 1 juice, filled with healthy and delicious beets, carrots, kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, celery, lemon, and orange. That’s a mouthful. 

What can be better on these hot summer days than a nice cold lemonade? Try the Pressed Juicery’s special spin on the classic with a Blue Lemonade, made from lemon, maple syrup, mint, and blue spirulina.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone better than Pressed Juicery so try it today. Don’t forget to look out for their free samples coming this week! 


To give you a little taste of that Pressed Juicery lifestyle, add a free sample functional shot to your bag this week. 

Choose among Wellness, Vitality or Probiotic for a healthy pick-me-up that comes to you tagged with ANOTHER surprise offer!  

New This Week. Dip Into Hummus & Dessert! 🥙

At The Hummus Pita & Co., there are “so many ways to love it.”  Love what, exactly? The world’s most-loved, tastiest, and arguably healthiest, chickpea spread — hummus. True, this wildly successful chain does sell all things hummus. The Chef’s family recipe is a staple in all (yes, all!) dishes, and dessert hummuses are also a specialty. (Chocolate hummus! Cake batter hummus! Cookie dough hummus! Disclaimer: Not available on Stadium, we’re just making a PSA.)

As one would expect in fast-casual land, there’s a myriad of combinations one could choose to assemble the perfect pita, platter, or laffa (an authentic Middle Eastern bread that’s thicker and chewier than pita). The menu takes you through a maze of MidEast flavors via their process of “starting” your meal (with a protein), “making” your meal (with your vessel of choice), “filling” & “topping” it (with fresh salads, condiments, grains), and surely, “saucing” it (with popular things like tahina and tzatziki as well as ooooh… harissa. As in that delicious spicy stuff.

But… with so many combinations, it’s easy to make a mistake hence why we’ve carefully curated the best of the best and the colorful-est of the colorful-est so you can forget the thinking and focus on the eating you’re most welcome. And by the way, while The Hummus Pita Co. is indeed fast, expect these guys to use real-deal methods of cooking their food. Gyros spin daily on a vertical grill, and chicken and steak are marinated overnight then cooked tender in a taboon oven.

Try it this week. 


Jonny says: Don’t tell your grandma but these Levain cookies might just be better than her’s! 🤫🤫🤫

Get them while you can this Wednesday and Friday! 

And this week, our samples come from pancake mix mavens FlapJacked.  They’re debuting a new cookie bar.

Choose among Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Brownie or Chocolate Chip.

Perfect for our chocolatiers. A macro, probiotic, soft, chewy cookie bar. All-new, all-tasty, all healthy. 

New This Week! Chicken & Then Some 🐓

Why’d the chicken cross the road? To go to Chirping Chicken, duh. Everything about Chirping Chicken screams simplicity and absolute tastiness. From their deliciously moist charbroiled chicken basted in nothing but, garlic, salt, and the chicken’s own juices to the simple setup of the restaurant, with tasty aromas permeating out the store and into your office.

Let’s put it simply: this chicken is awesome. The addictive, thin, and crispy skin covers the delicious and juicy chicken. Their chicken plates with 1/4, 1/2, and boneless chicken come with a variety of sides like rice & beans, mixed vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes, and more.

But chicken plates aren’t all this chicken is slinging: The chicken souvlaki sandwiches are over the top.  Tzatziki mixes with the juices of two huge marinated and grilled chicken breasts and plum tomatoes that will make you dream of Mount Olympus. Their burrito bowls are also filled to the brim with rice, guacamole, sour cream, and topped with a heaping portion of various proteins like grilled shrimp, chicken, or steak.

So get the cluck over here and order Chirping Chicken today. 

Staff Pick:

Justin of the STADIUM Merchant Development Team loves Inday’s new:

BBQ Chicken Bowl With Cauliflower Rice

It’s so good you’ll forget that it’s actually good for you. Don’t miss it! 

Fan Favorite:

If you haven’t gotten your hands on Magnolia’s Banana Pudding, we’re not sure what exactly you’re waiting for. It’s ok, we won’t judge you for eating pudding in the middle of the day,


Available this Tuesday & Thursday. 


One-in-three customers select an add-on for lunch. That’s why we’ve ramped our selection of who we think is the who’s who of the snack & beverage world.   In case you need a lil help with some of the new selection, here are products to note: 

Staff Pick: 

PB & J Dipper by Serendipitty (Hai Foods)

“The photos don’t do this product justice.  It’s like an amazing Pirouette filled with creamy butter, perfect with the not-too-sweet jam. Comes from Greece! Really banking on this to do well if you just tried it!” 

-Stephanie Yudowitch, Cofounder & Head of Merchandising

Hardcore Keto: 

Dang Foods’ Lemon Matcha Keto Bar & DNX’s Grass Fed Bison Bar 

Picking up: a new kind of sparkling beverage & Ugly, it’s in:

Minna’s Tropical Green Sparkling Tea, and Ugly Drink’s Watermelon Sparkling H2O

Made the cut from Sample Land…you tried It, you liked it: 

Revive Kombucha

Speaking of samples…

Try one this week, add to bag.

New This Week! Go Green With Just Salad 🥗& Leave Room For Dessert! 🍪

 🎶 Just the two of us
We can have greens if we try
Just the two of us
Building salads so high
Just the two of us
Just Salad and I  🎶

Now that we’ve set the mood and you’re ready to…eat … we can tell you all about our newest salad restaurant, Just Salad.  Priding themselves on the health benefits of their food, Just Salad supports health in all its forms, starting with healthy ingredients.  Produce arrives fresh daily, and it’s only served raw, roasted, baked, or steamed.

Embrace the Summer with their Backyard BBQ Chicken Salad, filled with romaine lettuce, breaded chicken, charred corn, sharp white cheddar, crunchy onions and a smokey BBQ ranch. Or go bold with their Smokehouse Steak Salad, featuring romaine, grass-fed free-range steak, feta, black beans & corn, jalapeños, tortilla chips, and a smoky poblano ranch dressing.

Feeling fit? Try keeping up with the Keto Salad: Romaine & spinach, grilled chicken, hard-boiled egg, pickled red onions, avocado, roasted almonds, and pepper jack with low-fat avocado dressing, YUM! There’s also plenty of vegetarian salads like the Sweet Valley Salad with romaine, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds, avocado, hard-boiled egg, goat cheese, and a lemon-basil vinaigrette.

Any way you order, the salads here are more than just your regular salads!


Don’t forget to leave room for this week’s special desserts: Milk Bar’s best cookies & Magnolia Bakery’s Classic Banana Pudding! 

💪 🌿

Last but not least, a different kind of sample this week. 

Functional food goes to the stratosphere with one of a kind Energybits®. 

Plant-Based nutrition tablets made purely of algae…a sustainable whole-food crop that supports your body naturally.

Try one, add to bag.